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Welcome to I've worked very hard for over 20 years to get to where I am today and it feels great to finally be able to show my accomplishments and give credit to the people I've worked with on my own website.

While on my site, you can see some of the CDs I've worked on and some of the artists I've worked with.

Having a great ride and things are looking brighter than ever now that I've just finished my 2nd album "Endless Love". It's.available now on iTunes and along with my 1st album "It's All About Love".

Tony Love: Endless Love

I've been a guitarist/bassist for so many great artists, and you can see all the artist's that I've worked with on this site.

I received a BMI songwriting award for the quadruple platinum single called "Don't Matter" which was co-written with super star Akon.

The awards page link is new and has been added to my site. There will be a lot of exciting things happening this year and beyond. You can hear some of my songs at

I hope you enjoy your stay and please don't be a stranger.

Peace and Blessings,

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